Why Wage And Hour Issues Are Not A DIY Project

Developing and administering compensation plans is a complex task, as both federal and state wage and hour laws govern this area. Therefore, it is not an area you should do yourself, hoping for the best. The consequences of poor decisions made in compensation matters are severe.

Tough Consequences For Poor Decisions

For example, in Connecticut, if your employee takes you to court on a wage and hour issue and you lose your case, you may have to pay up to two times your employee's legal fees on top of the compensation in question.

In Massachusetts, the consequences are even more severe, as you might pay up to three times the wages in question in addition to your employee's attorney's fees.

Do not attempt to create compensation packages on your own without experienced legal advice. Instead, talk to Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, the wage and hour lawyers in Simsbury.

Experienced Legal Counsel With Insider Knowledge

The experienced employment law lawyers at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, understand all the legal issues involved. But just as important, founder Robert Fortgang has been where you are, making compensation decisions.

A Proactive Approach

Compensation issues are best addressed before they become problems. Therefore, we recommend you consult us before you make any changes to your employee compensation. Then we can help you remain current and compliant by performing yearly audits and developing the proper documentation for employees and for your workplace.

If you are already facing a dispute, know that our attorneys have successfully handled audits and investigations by the Department of Labor, as well as cases using either alternative dispute resolution or litigation, whichever was in our client's best interest.

Compensation Questions? Wage Disputes? We Can Help.

If you have questions about your compensation package or concerns about wage disputes, the lawyers at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, can help. For your free initial consultation, contact us online or by phone at 860-264-6695.