Need Help With Unemployment Cost Control?

In running your business, you are constantly looking at ways to trim costs, increasing your profit margin. One cost center that many business owners look to are unemployment costs.

As a business owner, you are responsible for paying unemployment insurance premiums for your employees and, when there are layoffs in your company, paying those laid off employees a portion of their wages from the unemployment insurance fund.

Individual states like Connecticut and Massachusetts calculate how much you pay based on a variety of factors, including the size of your payroll, the number of employees, and the amount of unemployment compensation benefits charged against your account through the frequency of employee turn-over and the awarding of unemployment compensation. But there are many ways to limit and control the payout side of the equation.

At Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, we would like to help you in this effort. We are the unemployment cost control lawyers of Simsbury, Connecticut.

An Attorney Who Sat On Your Side Of The Desk

Our firm founder, attorney Robert Fortgang, uniquely understands your problems because he has been on your side of the desk. Prior to attending law school, attorney Fortgang worked in human resources for Fortune 500 companies and upon graduation from law school, advised members of Connecticut's largest business and industry association in personnel matters.

Some of the ways our firm has helped employers like you to control unemployment compensation costs include:

  1. Making sure you are accurately keeping the proper records
  2. State your layoff, severance, etc., policies in writing, in an employee handbook
  3. Have legally sound contracts and employee agreements

If you have questions about controlling unemployment costs related specifically to your business, contact us anytime. We answer our phones and return all messages promptly.

Want To Control Unemployment Costs? We Can Help.

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