Are Your Employee Contracts Legally Sound?

In today's globally competitive business environment, your biggest assets are the intangible ones, like trade secrets and human talent. To safeguard those assets, you need legally sound employee contracts.

At Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, we can help you. We are the employee contract attorneys in Simsbury, Connecticut.

More Than Just Employment Law Lawyers

We offer you more than our knowledge in employment law; we also bring the benefit of our human resource experience. We offer you creative, legally sound, practical solutions. Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, handles all types of employee agreements, including:

  • Noncompete agreements: An agreement that prevents an employee from competing against a former employer by preventing specific activities for a period of time and/or within a certain geographic area. An example is a sales professional who is prevented from soliciting clients within his or her former territory for two years after leaving the organization
  • Confidentiality agreements: Prevent an employee from disclosing an employer's information such as trade secrets, vendor contracts, etc.
  • Employment contracts: Documents that specify the nature and duration of employment
  • Severance agreements: An agreement that stipulates the terms and conditions of an employee's leaving the organization

If your employee contracts or agreements come under dispute, our attorneys are equally adept at litigation or alternative dispute resolution, whichever is in your best interest as our client.

Before your intangible assets are compromised, consult with us to ensure they are protected. We return calls promptly, provide service personally.

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