Developing Work Rules And Handbooks

Most employers like you know that having solid work rules in place and providing a written handbook to your employees is a key step in avoiding costly employee litigation. Yet for many employers, this important task never seems to get done.

We understand because we have been where you are. We are the experienced employment law attorneys at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, who are frequently assisting clients by developing work rules and handbooks in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Your Employment Law Attorney With Human Resource Experience

When we say we have been where you are, hiring, managing and firing employees, we truly have been. Our founder, Robert Fortgang, spent his early career serving in many different capacities within the human resource department of Fortune 500 companies. He continued in that field after graduating from law school, advising members of Connecticut's largest business and industry association on personnel matters.

Paired with his legal experience and knowledge, Mr. Fortgang's inside view provides our clients with practical, yet creative solutions for their businesses.

What Having An Employee Handbook Can Do For You

By having a legally sound employee handbook that clearly communicates company policies, you can help create a positive working environment for your employees and help limit potential litigation in many issues. These areas include:

In addition to creating a handbook, having legally sound noncompete, confidentiality and severance agreements and employee contracts is another action you can take to protect your business.

But should your work rules end up in dispute, our attorneys can address that dispute through either alternative dispute resolution or litigation, whichever is in your best interest.

Questions About Creating An Employee Handbook? We Have Answers.

If you have questions regarding creating an employee handbook, we can answer those questions. For your free initial consultation with an experienced law lawyer at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, in Simsbury, you can contact us online or by calling 860-264-6695.