When You Get A Warning Notice At Work

When you are given warnings, discipline and other notices at work, you can feel very uneasy. Your work world has just changed, but it is hard to know just how it has changed, because the notice may say one thing, but your reality may be quite different.

For example, you have just been handed a performance improvement plan and told you have 30 days to make improvement or you are out. But you know that your boss doesn't really like you. Because of that, you wonder if you will get the full 30 days.

So what do you do when you have just been given a notice? You call the experienced employment law attorneys at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, located in Simsbury and serving clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We Know What Your Employer May Do

At Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, we know what your employer may do because we've been there. Our founder, Robert Fortgang, worked in human resources before attending law school and has advised members of Connecticut's largest business and industry trade association after graduation.

We have assisted clients with many work notice and termination issues, including:

  • Pre-termination representation
  • Post-termination representation
  • Wrongful termination
  • PIP
  • Layoffs
  • Write ups

We will do what it takes to properly represent our clients, whether that means getting all parties together to come to a mutually beneficial agreement or representing them in court.

Did You Receive A Warning Notice? We Can Help.

If you received a warning notice at work, call the employment law lawyers at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC. We answer our phones when we are available and return your calls promptly when we are not. For your free initial consultation, you can contact us online or by calling 860-264-6695.