Your Unemployment Hearings And Appeals Lawyer

Through no fault of your own, you get laid off. With no income coming in from a job, you file an unemployment claim. But your employer denies it. What do you do now; where do you turn?

Turn to Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, the unemployment hearings attorneys in Simsbury, with clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We Know What Your Employer Is Probably Thinking

Before he attended law school, our firm's founder, Robert Fortgang, spent some time in the human resources departments of some Fortune 500 companies. After graduating law school, he spent some more time advising members of Connecticut's largest business and industry trade association on human resource matters.

Since employment law attorney Robert Fortgang has seen unemployment issues through an employer's eyes, he has a fairly good idea of what your employer may be about to do. So he is able to craft a legally sound, practical yet creative strategy to achieve the best possible result for you.

Some of the unemployment issues we have assisted our clients with include:

  • Representation at unemployment hearings and appeals
  • Contesting denied unemployment compensation
  • Contesting state demands for repayment of unemployment compensation

Representation For One Flat Fee

We understand that money is very tight when you are seeking unemployment compensation. That is why we charge one flat fee to represent you in your unemployment compensation case, no matter how long the process takes.

Need Help With Collecting Unemployment Compensation? Call Us.

If you need help with any issue related to unemployment compensation, talk to the experienced unemployment law lawyers at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC. For your free initial consultation, contact us online or call us at 860-264-6695.