Denied Pay And Breaks At Work

As an employee, you are entitled to get paid for your work and take regular breaks at work. Although most employers are aware of these rights, there are some who ignore them.

When that happens, you need sound legal advice from the attorneys at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC. We are the denied pay or breaks at work lawyers in Simsbury, serving clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We Are Not Just Any Employment Law Firm

Few employment law firms can claim what we can: our experience in human resources at Fortune 500 companies. Our founder, Robert Fortgang, spent the early years of his career in many different positions within human resources for several companies. Then after graduating law school, he went to work for the largest business and industry trade association in the Nutmeg State, advising membership on human resource issues.

So when we take your case, we have a good idea of what your employer may say and how your employer may respond.

Some of the pay and break issues we have helped our clients with include:

  • Denied rest breaks
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Denied a nursing mother's break
  • Minimum wage disputes
  • Denied meal breaks
  • Prohibited from praying during meal breaks
  • Unpaid bonus and unpaid commission

An employee is promised a bonus if that employee remains employed for a specific period of time. The employee honors the commitment, but the employer suddenly lays the employee off before the end of that period. If this has happened to you, you should call the attorneys at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC.

Ours Is A Client-Centric Approach

At Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, serving your best interests is always on top of our minds. We answer our phones and return your messages promptly. We craft legal solutions that are creative yet practical. Whatever is the best solution for you — whether that is negotiation, settlement or litigation — we will do it.

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