Employment Law Attorneys For Employees

You know you are very good at what you do, but for some reason, there is always something your supervisor finds fault with.

Lately you have been feeling uncomfortable around your supervisor.

You seem to remember being promised a bonus, but now that you have been "downsized," you haven't seen one.

What Can You Do?

Whether you are facing disciplinary actions, experiencing a hostile work environment or have not been compensated as promised, we can help you. We are the attorneys at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, employment law lawyers for employees in Simsbury.

How We Are Different

What makes the attorneys at Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, different from other experienced employment law firms in Connecticut and Massachusetts is our insider's knowledge.

Our founder, Robert Fortgang, spent the early part of his career working in various positions in human resources for Fortune 500 companies. After graduating from law school, he still helped employers by advising the membership of Connecticut's largest business and industry association on personnel matters.

He knows how employers think. He will apply that same perspective in his strategy to represent you, so there is little chance you will have surprises or unexpected events along the way.

How We Help Employees

Using our legal experience and knowledge coupled with our experience in human resources, we can provide a creative yet practical approach to your employment law issue. Some of the issues we have assisted our clients with include:

The bottom line: We keep our client's best interests in mind, all the time. If that means our client is best served through negotiating a settlement, we will do that. But if that means our client has a better chance in court, we will litigate.

Have An Issue With An Employer? We Can Help.

At Robert Fortgang Associates, LLC, we can give you an edge because we understand how your employer thinks. We have been on that side of the desk. To receive your free initial consultation, contact us online or call us at 860-264-6695.